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Hans L. Cycon, Thomas C. Schmidt, Gabriel Hege, Matthias Wählisch, Mark Palkow,
An optimized H.264-based Video Conferencing Software for Mobile Devices,
In: ISCE2008 -- The 12th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, (Antonio Navarro Ed.), IEEE, pp. 1--4, Piscataway, NJ, USA:IEEE Press, April 2008.

Abstract: Mobile phones and related gadgets in networks are on the spot to deliver sufficient performance for rich multimedia applications and communication. In this report we introduce a video conferencing software, which seamlessly integrates mobile with stationary users into fully distributed multi-party conversations. Innovations related to this work are twofold. At first we report on a highly optimized realisation of a H.264 codec and our implementation experiences of the video conference {em software} on a consumer mobile. Within the tight bounds of real-time requirements on mobiles, the coding software outperforms compatible H.264 realizations. At second we present an integrated peer-to-peer group communication solution, which scales well for medium-size conferences and accounts for the heterogeneous nature of mobile and stationary participants.

Themes: Video Conferencing over IP, Mobile Multicast