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Siebert, M., Kadelka, A., Lott, M., Weckerle, M., Hischke, S.,
Integrated Mobility Concepts for Wireless LANs,
In: International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, SPECTS 2003, pp. 327-335, July 2002.

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on the integrated IP mobility support within micro cellular systems as an extension to global mobility environments. Since macro mobility, mainly realized with the help of Mobile IP, is not able to support highly dynamic scenarios, novel concepts have to be developed. Different solutions are proposed within this paper, e.g. for fast handover in WLANs, which are connected to an IP- based infrastructure. For expedited handover execution a new concept for backbone signaling is proposed. It explores the interface between the link and network layer, which will be described, too, and which has been specified in detail for HIPERLAN/2. With the approaches described in this paper it can be expected that HO can be supported in an efficient way not sacrificing the rare radio resource.