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Publications for Year 1992

Rekhter, Yakhov, Perkins, Charles,
Optimal Routing for Mobile Hosts Using IP's Loose Source Route Option,
October 1992.

Perkins, C.,
Simplified Routing for Mobile Computers using TCP/IP,
In: First IEEE Conference on Wireless LAN Implementations, September 1992.

Carlberg, K. J.,
A Routing Architecture that Supports Mobile End Systems,
In: IEEE Proceedings of the Military Communications Conference, MILCOM '92, Vol. 1, pp. 159--164, 1992.

Perkins, C., Rekhter, Y.,
Short-cut Routing for Mobile Hosts,

Teraoka, F., Claffy, K., Tokoro, M.,
Design Implementation and Evaluation of Virtual Internet Protocol,
In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, pp. 170--177, June 1992.